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Hi, I'm Enis Cinar.

I'll teach, entertain, & show you how to make it happen. Overall I am one of the most motivated and driven young entrepreneurs you will ever stumble upon on this planet. I am dedicated not only to my own individual success but also the every single person around me that is a runner and interested in taking their lives to the next level!

I was born in Germany, and like little Ellie, I always dreamed that a hurricane would take me somewhere to another country. And once I really ended up in another country, I knew that my dream is to travel the world and motivate everybody around me.

I discovered the world of low-cost airlines and began to fly somewhere and see the world every weekend. I realized that I had enough experience and knowledge to share with others - and so this blog appeared. You will find useful tips, my travel experiences, life hacks and the usual daily thoughts about everything that surrounds me.

  • November, 1997

    born in Hamburg.

  • January, 2015

    Beat100 No. 149 Charting Video & Beats Mix Bronze A&R Award for "Dance Mashup" Video.

  • Mai, 2015

    Beat100 No. 55 Charting Video & Silver Video A&R Award, Silver Song A&R Award for "Revive" Cover Video.

  • December, 2015

    Beat100 No. 31 Charting Video & Silver Song A&R Award, Gold Video A&R Award & Gold Favorite A&R Award for "Relive Ultra Europe 2014" Video & Song.

  • Mai, 2019

    In 2019, I started my entrepreneurial journey by establishing Escomine, an online marketplace for luxury goods, especially jewelry.


    won 3 awards, build 4 brand, for press releases and more.

5.000 + hours of work

5 years of experience

8.500 + Instagram Followers

50.000 + views everyday

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